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moondogg33333 (profile) wrote,
on 8-13-2007 at 5:17pm
Music: nickleback
Subject: The will to live
So ya as you can tell I updated the journal.I'm just sitting here thinking about all the random crap I could write down on here.I really have nothing better to do today,so I'm just goin to post about random things like always..Me random never.mucis is really pissing me off.I have it set to jump around and play different songs,but it just plays 5 of my 200 some odd songs over and over again.Chuck If you want a new background for your journal.The link is in the top left of this page.Everything I saw there works on woohu.(.Thats a 1st let me tell you)..As I stated befor in the post below this college is 6 days away.(Some how I got in).Yes thats right I got in to Indiana state.I know people that had better grades and more classes then me that arnt even goin and they Got in..I know people that are going but are backing out befor school even starts.I know people that are not going cause of this problem or that problem or just because they are in love.What ever the reason I'm going.Me of all people.I move out Saturday a 9am and for any of you that know me I'm not a moring person.l feel I'm ready and that makes things in my mind alot better.Both my brother and my sister went to college.My sister went to Isu and my brother went to IUPUI,and for one reason or another they both droped out.My sister iIdont know wht she left and I'm sure she will never tell me.She lasted a year and 2 months.My brother Left college to follow his dream of driving trains.I think he lasted a Sem of more idr.SO ya I have a big hill to clim and put my flag on top of.Other then that I know im ready to just do it for my own reasons.I have a drive to pass my sister and my brother when it comes to college but i have different drive when it comes to just being able to do it at all.I'm sure I'll do fine if I try my best.Wish me luck folks its goin to be a long ride and I'm goin to need what ever I can get.Other then that Im just fine and dandy like always.Feel free to im me on aol at moondogg33333 I'm online right now and will always take ur message.
Love and Peace
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