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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2007 at 9:07am
Current mood: blah
Music: 96.1 Kiss Randomness
Subject: WoW
It seems I have neglected my stupid journal for like 7 months! Ive been so busy in real life its insane, Although some would say that I haven't acomplished anything, I feel that I have done a great deal. A lot of things have been going on in my life that I just don't want to get into right now. Im actually on vacation this week from work, which is a well deserved one at that. That job is going to fucking kill me one day. The stress level is just too much sometimes, its bad enough that I have stress from work, but then to go home and have 10x the stress added on. Hah, I've prolly lost all my normal readers by now as it has been fricken 7 months, but oh well, at least I can always vent my feelings on here like I have always done in the past.

I got into this new thing on monday. 96.1 Kiss FM's Big Bob has a 24/7 live came following him around, so I been hooked into watching someone else live there life while I sit and do nothing, its great isn't it? ahh the sarcasim, I bet we all miss that from Kunta huh? haha

thats enough for now, I promise to update more since I have the time now I guess.
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