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justadreamer (profile) wrote,
on 8-19-2007 at 10:50am
Current mood: nervous
Subject: Hosnap -- college.
August 27th. Oh, dear.

So it would appear as though I'm taking 16 hours; 6 classes.

College Algebra, Composition 1 (English), Intro to Chemistry - basically from 9 AM 'til 12 PM Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

On Monday nights @ 6 PM, I have Chem lab. Luckily, my high school chemistry teacher transferred to this college, so I'll be with her AND my friend Robert for Chem Lab.

Tuesday nights @ 6 PM, I have Ceramics class.

Online, I have First Aid.

Thursdays = free (homework and study days ~ like weekends).

Whoo. A bit scary; hopefully I'm not in over my head. I had to have at least 12 hours for my scholarship, and 15 in case I needed to drop a class. The average amount of hours = 12-15, supposedly.

Anywho. College. Okay. All right. Here we go.

Also, I turn 18 on September 1st.
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