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tapdanceoveryourheart (profile) wrote,
on 8-24-2007 at 9:43am
here are my poems from when I was in the hospital.obviously they are fucking depressing


So jaded
Things faded
Heart Hurts
Cry in Spurts
Slice the skin
make it sting
Pulled the trigger
said the grave digger

The Girl
The girl, she meditates
It's ok to hate
The image she sees in the miror

She breaks the glass
Takes a piece
Slices, a splash
she feel at peace

Crimson shards fall to the ground
The girl she'll expire one day
Never knowing that she was worth every breath

I speak but you do not hear
Your mouth moves without a care
To understand is all I seek
You let me know that I'm not there

I'll fly away
I'll fly away
One day I'll go astray
You'll search and search
But never find
Anyone of my kind

I'll slice and dice enjoy the pain
I know there's nothing to gain
A crimson tide, a violent red

I wish it had been you instead

they say you go to heaven did
my uncle Kevin?
he died alone in a motel room
they said he overdosed on shrooms
and cocain,possibly slit his wrists
but that's somewhat uncertain,that's the twist.
Uncle Kevin,he always looked sad
Like he'd had a really bad
day.He deserverd to die, but with better style
I wanted a chance to say goodbye
but all the while
uncle Kevin cried I cried with him.
I'll see him in heaven sooner, it seems.

tick tock
let it lock
hear the click
feel it stick
one hole
no soul
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