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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2007 at 12:10am
Current mood: awake
Music: Work Noise!
Subject: The Perfect Women
today is not really a rant as per say, but an expression of the perfect female companion for myself. over the past few weeks everyone and their mother has been trying to "hook me up" with their friends. "Kunta I got the perfect girl for you!", and I'm like, no thank you. I have made it pretty clear that I'm not looking for a relationship right now but yet people are still bugging. So today kids, Im going to take the time to describe the perfect girl for myself, which in the end is pretty damn impossible as this girl im sure, does not exisit.

I want a girl that isn't fake, that can carry her own and have some self esteem for herself. I want a girl that will wear makeup, lipstick, and bright orange eye liner, but yet still look fantastic without any makeup at all. I want a girl that will wear dressy cloths, skirts and designer jeans, but yet still pull off wearing jogging pants and still feel great about herself because she knows I wouldn't judge her. I want a girl that will parade around in tigh high stockings and high heels just because she knows its sexy. I want a girl that will argue and debate with me and in the end not get mad or upset when she looses, but also not rub it in my face when she knows I'm wrong. I want her to be understanding, respectful, and be willing to push me harder each day, but also allow me to make my own descisions in life. I want a girl that takes intrest into sports, even if she doesn't like them, but knows that I do and is willing to play them with me knowing herself that she is horrible at them. I want an intelligent girl, but isn't afraid to admit when shes wrong and also be silly sometimes just to make me smile. I want a girl that will be there for me, through thick and thin, the bad times and the good times, that is willing to let me cry on her shoulder when I feel ashamed. I want a girl that will not only be faithful, but also trustworthy. I want a girl that not only accepts who I am as a person but also is willing to accept my friends, no matter how goofy they are. I want a girl that is family oriented but also isn't scared to be on her own. I want a girl that isn't afraid to express herself emotionally, verbally, and pysically. I want a girl that would like too have a big family. I want a girl who isn't afraid to be herself around me no matter how silly she is. I want a girl that will play video games with me till wee hours of the morning, even if she doesn't know whats shes doing but it makes me happy. I want a girl that is a dog lover, big ones to the little ones. I want a girl that doesn't let petty things in life get her bent out of shape. I want a girl that knows how to cook a great feast. I want a girl that will lay in bed with me and just talk, or just cuddle. I want a girl that will realize that no matter what, I would be there for her.

so there you have it people, stop trying to find me a women, unless you find one that matches that list, which is damn near impossible.
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