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theedgeofyouratmosphere (profile) wrote,
on 9-30-2007 at 3:28pm
Current mood: bored
I still don't know what i'm having.
i'm 25+ weeks
and it sucks! everytime i go to have an ultrasound the baby crosses he or she's legs. err. makes me mad! but it's cute.
i want to know so bad.. so i'm tryin to get one more ultrasound in.. wish me luck? hehe.

but nothing new has been going on
just been cleaning the house and cookin/bakin
also being bored. found out a couple more of my friends are pregnant. its so cute to hear it from someone else other than me, LOL i feel fat! so now people can have a belly with me! haha even though i'm much more farther than they are besides my cousin Christina, she's due 2 days before me. don't ask how that happened. we didn't plan it LoL.

me and lance are trying to find another place.
up here its like everyone is noisey and knows your business. so much drama is involved everywhere; so i really don't wanna stay here long.

OOH! i got my butt into gear; i started my G.E.D classes so i can get my diploma. YAY HAHAHA i only go 2 times a week, but i'm more advanced than the others so i could possibly take my test very soon. WOOP WOOP.

thats it for now really.
much luv
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