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kentnj2 (profile) wrote,
on 10-1-2007 at 7:01pm
i can't believe how ridiculous i could be *looks around*...making a false online journal profile just to secretly keep contact with an old friend. poor sad me. such is life though. i wouldn't do anything that would cause harm to anyone. granted i shouldn't have taken the liberty to assume that she still needed my 'lifely' advice, but we make mistakes, get over them, and move on, and if your reading this don't be fooled like i'm talking to you. i don't mind that you think i'm talking to you, but because honestly..honestly..i think these online journals are about as ridiculous as reality t.v...because against all my beliefs and morals i hate these damn things..because you can't be real with people aren't real when your texting them or talking to them online or emailing them or talking to them over the phone. you can't be real when you know people are going to read this. then it all turns into one big fad..congrats world..your all sheep..but then you read this..and after thinking to yourself..'this guys an asshole' start to wonder why..why is this sad angry boy waisting my time being a hypocrite and bitching about it...plenty of reasons..i'm bored right now, i have a lot on my brain an unfortunately no one with the imagination to listen, i dont care enough about my hatred for this crap to give myself something i can't do, only a few people if any will read this, i like talking to myself, i could go on and on and on and on and on for about another three seconds but it doesnt matter...i guess the main reason as to why i'm writing is because im really not a sad and angry a content chillin is what it is right now..i'm cool with my path..we all wish we had better paths regardless i'm just not going to dwell on it. schools almost done. moneys always a problem, but because of my hatred for the economy i dont care about any of it. at least not enough to worry about it. its either pay it or have my parents pay it..obvious most of highschool i'm going to be fine with being the every girls good guy friend guy..i doubt ill ever find anybody as..i really dont know how to say this..not deranged, not insane..eccentric enough to fit my taste. some people would see it as a shame i never embraced treating sex and love like candy...whatever though..i may be lucky one day to chance upon a girl who can pass my true love test..who the riggins knows not going to be pessemistic about things and just accept the fact that i wont know if love's for me until i die..when im dead and single then i'll be all emo about it and really start writing in this thing...i have good friends..good family..sometimes i think im closer to reaching my unatainable goal..reaching for the stars mother fucker..reaching for the stars..=D im a happy fellow at heart.. i cant help it. to the one that doesnt know me im mike and to the one that does i miss talkin to you..but its in the past i guess..either way its all no excuse to be forgetting promises and losing face..i'm your friend..just your reason to be scared of a friend..unless theres something one friend doesnt know about the other friend...its all conspiracy theory..just like some line in a song..i love me
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