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impersonality (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2007 at 7:12pm
Current mood: anxious
I think I had the worst, most vile dream I've ever had in my entire life last night. And because today is my birthday, it can't be preluding to anything good. I'll tell you about the dream, but it's really gross.

I was vomiting. I could taste it. I could feel the debris in my mouth, and I can remember the shapes of it. It was just piling and piling in my mouth and spilling out, and at the same time equaling unappealing bodily functions were happening elsewhere. Filling and filling the toilet.

I woke up gasping and disturbed, and poured myself a tall glass of water.

I was already kind not feeling to good about things lately, and this could have just been a dramatic manifestation of it. The only other interpretation I came up with is possibly a massive purge of something is coming. Or I'm going to get sick (although the sickness in the dream was in incredible, completely unrealistic amounts, and why I was sick in the first place was never revealed.) In any case, it was vile.
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