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jacqui-chan (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2007 at 1:44am
Current mood: confused
Subject: My thought process.
How the heck can I like him?????????? Seriously. I'm a weirdo. I knew it wouldn't work out into anything in the beginning. I believed it, I knew it, I didn't let myself get too attatched... or so I thought. And now I'm jealous. I'm jealous of another girl even though I encouraged him... I was his friend... I was "happy" for him. I'm an idiot. But I still have to know nothing can happen. It would be too complicated, wouldn't it?? It would never work... I think. No, I know. I know it wouldn't work. But what if it did... what if it worked really well?? Because it could... maybe. No... no I'm just wishful thinking.

But what if it could? What if it was perfect? He's amazing. I know he is. He'd be worth the trouble. He's not even close to what I imagined would be my next 'guy'. He's different. Really different. And he has a brain... and isn't too dramatic. He's normal, he's cool, he's mature.... well usually. But it's never gonna' happen. We're never gonna' happen. I just need to get that through my head.

But if we did... oh man... it would be amazing...
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