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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2007 at 12:51am
Current mood: quixotic
Music: Foo Fighters
Subject: Rekindled
So, it has been awhile, again. But, after seeing Jessi(e?) in Chicago, I'm totally gonna do this again. Totally. First, I'll do some generic shit for myself.

1) I'm no longer dating Heather. That ended a few months ago. Painful, and I'm forever scarred. /tear and all that.
2) I'm not at Central anymore. After doing jack shit for 2 years, I decided to get out of there, and I'm at Ferris now, majoring in plastics.
3) The plastics program at ferris is for the design, manufacture, and all that shit of plastics.
4) I'm SLIGHTLY drunk right now.

So, on thursday afternoon, Amanda and I took off for the HIM concert in Chicago, and I must admit I didn't have high expectations. I don't hate HIM, but I don't adore them the way some people do. I just dig a few of their songs and figured they might be checking out. Here is the problem with heading there though, I never asked myself an important question.

Who is the opening act?

We walked in and Congress Theator is just amazing. It has a huge HUGE roof that once they fix up will look great and could be incorporated into some shows and whatnot. There were screens set up that read, "Bleed Through". I figured out that they were the opening act, and I thought, "Oh, maybe they have a my chemical romance sound, or some generic angsty sound like the plain white T's.

Oh, if only.

Out they came, and I realized right away that my ears were in for a world of hurt. It definately didn't help that I was standing right next to the speakers, and they let loose with their first song, "The guitarist and I are in a loud contest. I'm totally going to beat him". After that earsplitter was over, he let fly with, "My voice is a giant penis and I'm going to fuck you in the ears". I didn't care for that one either.

Afterwards he made an announcement that was basically, "It is an honor for us to tour with fucking HIM. It takes some big fucking balls to put a fucking band like us being the opener for them, so it just goes to show you what kind of fucking band they are."

He continued to blab, and finally said, "Now, I want to fucking make some fucking noise in this fucking bitch and fucking have all of you fuckers moshing in the first fucking rows! I WANT TO SEE THE FUCKING HORNS!!!" and began playing. He then repeated this process for every song. The highlight of them playing was when we both looked each other in the eye, and I shot daggers right at his face.

After they assaulted my ears with another 3 songs, some questions occured to me. Why did they have a keyboard player? It was a chick, so I'm assuming for the boobs. I mean, all I heard was the singer and the guitar player, and I was next to the damn speakers. Was she just their to voice the words and really bang on those keys?
Before playing a song, the singer spoke about his grandfather passing away a week earlier, and said he was going to sing for him or something. I expected a slow song, but it was really fast, and I SWEAR he was repeating, "Big whore, big whore, big whore!" over and over.

After they walked off, I realized that HIM would have to rock my socks double time to make up for this atrocity they put me through. After 30 minutes, they finally came on stage, and, wow, they did.

For those of you that turned down going to see them the past few years, I laugh in your face. It was very worth it. The best part for me was the lead guitarist who is Lindee...I think. He is pretty much Phil, with dredlocks. It was pretty badass. Though, Ville, the lead singer, was up there chain smoking after every song, which I'll admit was impressive. I mean, he smoked in some of videos and behind the scenes stuff I saw, but I didn't know he was kick ass enough to just smoke through a show.

They sounded pretty good too. I have trouble hearing Ville's voice, but everything was just done really well. Sound, lights, hell, I actually laughed at one of his jokes. I was blown away, I really didn't expect it to be that good. There is something that bothers me though.

The horns. They are sacred. You never throw them up for any ol' shmuck who can play a chord or two. Yet, that is exactly what was happening. HIM has a pretty decent collection of songs in terms of tempo and sound, but when they are singing Joy and Sorrow, which you must admit doesn't sound very metal or heavy, and there are 100 idiots around me throwing the horns, it definately hurts its value. There was one instance I actually threw them up, and it was during one of Lindee's solos. Other than that, no way. Nothing else was deserving. They are sacred, and they are being tainted and abused, and it made me sad.

After that, we went to Jess's house like thing and stayed there for the night. I did some catching up, and decided that I should totally start using woohu again.

So, I'm back!
If my comebacks to woohu were sequels, I think we would be at...lets see
Atman's Woohu: The reckoning

Anyway, I'm going to check my friends list and hopefully do something more worthy of mentioning. Oh, and drink. I still have some of that to do.
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