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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 11-1-2007 at 12:45am
Subject: fuck halloweeen
well today is halloween....or whats left of a little angry but hey whats seem that everytime he gets drunk he has to alienate me and make me feel like I am nothing...really what is wrong with me I should have just let things go when I had the chance....his words exacally about two weeks ago "oh baby don't worry about not having any money, I will take care of you" and now look....I am starving he knew I was starving and instead of buying us both something to eat he just buys himself something to eat and doesn't share....but who would think he would....silly a cheese sandwich it is for me....bastard sometimes I just can't stand him.

Thank god he fell asleep on the couch drunkinly now I can go to the bedroom and not have worry about him yelling at me some there a problem with me thinking this way?? I think there's like Coyote Ugly...if you know what I mean except for sometimes your okay with the person.

God somebody help me figure out what is wrong with me ....I don't know what I want in to fucking screwed up...things constantly confuse me...

im hungry im going to eat this cheese sandwich now
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