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runningfreak (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2007 at 9:07pm
Subject: Just another day...

I really wanted to come to Ohio. Dont get me wrong, I am overjoyed to see my Aunt Betsy and the rest of my mothers side of the family that I so rarely see but at the same time I could have just as well stayed home and studied. I prolly wouldnt have done much studying but still. This is riduculous. Everybody is doing there own little thing with the people they ALWAYS spend time with. It is actually rather annoying. I could have gotten alot of things done this weekend. No big deal I suppose. The concert for my Grandpa is tommorow at 4pm so after that is a long way home. Hopefully I will sleep most of the way like I did coming to Ohio. Sleeping makes the trip seem less agonizing. Sometimes I wonder if not getting very much sleep is a good thing cause it really pays to be exhausted when travelling and you arent the one driving. Anyways, I watched my sister play at her volleyball game againest Ashland University in Ashland today. They won all three games. Ashland was ranked #9 in the nation and Hillsdale was ranked #13 I think but who knows now. She was happy to see me. She was happy to talk on the phone the night before as well. I think she misses me. Thats cool. I had a feeling that she would, sometimes I kinda miss her too.

I am still as bubbly as ever. I stop and think about like have before and that usually detours me from how I want to feel. But this time it hasnt and I hope that it doesnt. I was even told how it really wasnt worth pursueing based on how his life is and usually I would listen especially since it was coming from him but this time it didnt matter. I really like this feeling and I can only hope that it is going to stay for a while.
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