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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 11-5-2007 at 10:35pm
Subject: my back hurts
and well it's monday and work was busy...

I just realized that I only have one friend who has updated in here in like a week...and go figure it's andy who owns it....but I guess in his behalf I only have like 4 friends. it snowed for the first time it wasn't really snow it was sleet but still I suppose it counts. Work was hectic because of it and it sucked because it was just me and one other person....and they switched the specials on me without informing me...bastards.

I have the next two days off which is really nice and really sucks all at the same time...Im sure it's understandable but...I don't know. corey was lost on sat. nobody knew where he was he left a party at like 11 o clock and then wasn't heard of for like 5 hours after that...I was searching the town forever with Micah and then when I got home he was there asleep I woke him up and started yelling at him asking him where he was and why did he drive off drunk like that...blah blah blah....he said that he fell asleep in some parking garage and then came home....I was freaked for a while though and so was Micah....I don't know what to say to him..I think he has a drinking problem but then again I can't tell. It's not like with my dad where he drinks everyday because he doesn't but I'm not so sure either I am not around when he's at lunch with his work friends and whatnot....what do I say to him...I don't think I can say anything it's his life right?

I puked this morning I don't know why and I know Im not pregnant but it was wierd...I felt better afterwards's confusing I wonder if I ate something bad last night I don't think that i did though

well alright I think I am going to take a shower
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