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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2007 at 2:56am
Subject: TMFA = To Many Fucking Acronyms...
Lol, the Jessa and Andy show? That's definitely a "wtf". Well, hello Mr. J. I see you with those shady eyes. Wanting me to fill your belly with delicious digital flavor. I've come to say absolutely...sure. Why the fuck not. I think the last time I was on this site, well, I WEREN'T doing so fucking good. Or maybe it was just because I was still a teenager. It seems so long ago. High school. Now that I look back on it. It was a lot of fun. I miss a lot of things and a lot of people. And just as I thought, things between the latter have fallen apart, I realize some people still use this site! Place: "wtf" (/emotabonics).

Err, where do I start. I'm employed at steelcase cleaning office buildings. I would have a better job but I took the summer off and blew a bunch of cash that I shouldn't have. I'm a pfc in the army (ok national guard) as an engineer. Which means I go once a month and build walls on a shitty installation. I have a wonderful and amazingly cute girlfriend named Jess. (Not the one with the show) And some minor heart problems due to stress. Jokes on me. It's not that bad of a life. And I'm hoping to improve some things. But, it's mine and you can't have it. So fuck you. Utility flask. Martha Stewart. Mofo. To be honest besides the whole six mons. of getting my ass kicked by drill sergeants my life has kinda settled down. And so has my demeanor. After reading this little comments I've posted in my more angsty days. I can see the differences and reflect and (reverie <------FUCK! I Misspellled thaat werd!) in the fact that I can see myself growing. Funny shit. So...bleh. And all that shit I used to say.

Time for bed you no-moving-parts, mechanically literate, server in Andy's aparment, mothafuckerpussarex.
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