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bladeoverbullet (profile) wrote,
on 11-9-2007 at 1:34am
Subject: The Secret
What is it?

Well, to be quite honest with you, after seeing the book on shelves, the DVDs going off the shelves, I thought that there had to be some merit. Coincidentally, my parents gave me the DVD of The Secret for Christmas a year ago. I never really thought that much of it until tonight. So I finally sat down and watched the DVD. While most of it kinda seemed like mystic mumbo-jumbo, some of it actually made sense to me.

So, what is The Secret? It is The Law of Attraction. Whatever you think about and feel about strongly, whatever you want, whatever you desire etc., if you constantly think about it and truly believe it whatever it is, it will come to you. Whatever you think about, both positive and negative, it will come to you. Whether it be love, money, even something to drink...if you honestly and truly believe you want it, it will come to you.

I actually tried this when I kind of skimmed through the DVD a year ago. All I thought about how thirsty I was, but I was kind of lazy and didn't wanna get up. So, I kept thinking "I want a Coke." Moreover, I kept that not only in my head, but I truly believed that I wanted one. Five minutes later, my mom peeks her head down the basement and goes, "Hey Troy I'm grabbing a drink out of the garage, you want one?" I was a little freaked out at that point...But I kind of had this little, " does work" moments.

If you're interested check the wiki site:

So...yea that's my little self help rant...hope I didn't bore anyone

"Your thoughts and your feelings now, is shaping your future."
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