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bladeoverbullet (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-2007 at 6:04pm
Subject: Random Thoughts III
I think I'll make this "Random Thoughts" thing a typical's fun to write journal entries like this ^_^

Does it make me a geek of I'm typing up on a laptop in my lap, when there's a completely useful computer on my DESK?

Yay! Alex is back in Michigan

Double Yay! Girlfriend's getting sleep again:D

Stupid Writer's Block on my research paper

Beatles' song "Yesterday" is preeeeeetty

My mom got promoted?!? DAMN!! sweeeeeet

Mmm Chinese Food

Christ, I'm glad I got a haircut this weekend

A research paper and a test...both on the same least that's what I keep telling myself...the term paper's actually due a week from Tuesday...but if I get it done now, I won't worry about it over break

My brother hasn't been back in Michigan for even a week, and he's already doing his bartending gig again...that was fast

Ich Liebe Dich...but that's a given right?;)

Japan Club finally has structure again

The invasion and the Eclipse starts next week...too bad I've already seen it online;)

Speaking of Avatar, after re-watching "The Blind Bandit"...I'm surprised Toph hasn't gotten more character development like Sokka and Katara have already.

Is it bad that my wrist is kinda sore from completing "Through the Fire and the Flames" on GHIII last night?

"Ah...look at all the lovely people" ...damn it Beatles!!!

I'm graduating in April....and I still don't know what I'm doing once I graduate Hopefully Christmas and Thanksgiving break can give me some insight's cold enough for where's the snow?

I should really get back to my homework...yea

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