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loserkid (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2007 at 5:00am
Current mood: calm
Subject: Juande Ramos. Genius?
So today i went to Tescos at 6am, and got to the checkout only to realise i forgot my wallet. Great start there. So i asked the checkout lady if she could keep it to one side for me while i ran home for my wallet, which she did, no problems. 15 minutes of jogging/walking later i was back in Tescos paying for my stuff.

Then i came home, had breakfast and decided to watch Lee Evans, which i feel asleep during. I dozed on and off until later on, and got up. Hung around in my room for a bit and then heard voices in Chris' room so went to see what the fuss was, nothing exciting, just talking about facial hair - Chris shaved his into some random styles. Then i remembered Spurs were on TV

The match, well the first half, was Shit. From a Spurs point of view. 0-2 down at half time. Not looking good. Players booed off again. Second half, well, 5 minutes into it and it was 2-2. Now the game was on. Much better much, actually quite exciting 2nd half, and Spurs took it to win 3-2. Excellent stuff. Dunno what Juande said at half time, but it fucking worked. Now lets play like that in the league please.

After the footy we went to Mozarts, which was good. Vodka and coke for 2 pounds. excellent. Will and i decided to get a kebab on the way home, and it was good. best kebab i've had in a while. We followed this with a game on Pro Evo (which we lost) and an episode of South Park. If you haven't seen the tourettes episode, you have to. Go and watch it now. Go.

Then, at about 1:30am, we decided to call it a night. 3 and half hours later, after watching Scrubs, The O.C. and some other random programmes, while playing Poker, i am here typing this and watching the rest of the Lee Evans DVD i missed last night.

Tomorrow is Friday. Start of the weekend. Nothing planned tomorrow, though i am organising a game of poker in our dining room on staurday, 2 quid entry, so let me know if you are interested for future games, though im sure no one here would be interested... i dont think anyone lives close enough to make it worth it really.
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