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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 12-1-2007 at 2:22am
Current mood: uncomfortable
Subject: so I can barly move
ode to another 11 hour day...

well today commenced my third open to close shifts. Finally I don't have to worry about that anymore but yet ahh yes there's a yet...I do still have to close tommorow and the next day. I don't know what I did while I was working today but for some reason my back kills! I took one of my many prescription pills that help the pain and help me sleep so hopefully by the end of this journal entry I should be able to smoothy transist into a slumber....I said hopefully.

A guy at work today asked me if after my shift I wanted to smoke pot with him...I didn't really realize that he had asked me untill he was already gone on delivery...I didn't if your wondering but still I was like "do I really look like a stoner?" I didn't say it of course I am to nice for that but seriously people just because I have no life does not mean that I smoke pot. whatever.

on a much brighter note it seems like for one more month I have some how pulled a way to keep on living out of my ass. Corey's car wont get re-po'd (hopefully....keep your fingers crossed) and I can pay rent...he has been making quite the effort to make money and is even applying for night jobs too. So it looks like that silver lining might actually be there! Well at least for a month.

Okay I have just seriously almost started writing almost how I really feel about what my life is right now....I am not about to go on and self pity myself I had better stop writing while I can...see ya all on the flip side!
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