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loserkid (profile) wrote,
on 12-1-2007 at 11:59am
Current mood: sleepy
Subject: Yesterday
The reason i didnt post yesterday is because i was up until 1am ish playing poker in our dining room. It was fun, i started off quite badly, not gettng much luck from the cards, but all of a sudden, after a few "all ins" and doubling up my stack, i knocked out Will, closely followed by Craig and then Chris, and it was me and Adam left. The good news was that i was guaranteed to finish at least second which meant i wouldn't be buying anyone a drink, the bad news was it was almost 1am, and i was getting quite bored and losing concentration. Afer a couple of hands of me losing some, adam losing some, we decided to play a "winner takes all" blind hand. Adam won, but its all good, i got second and my prize was not to have to buy the winner a drink, whereas Will, Crag and Chris all owe him one now. I would like to play again, no sure if we playing tonight or not now, we will see.

Other than that, i didnt do much yesterday, had a 10am lecture where an assignment was handed out, but otherwise i dont think anything too exciting happened... not to my memory anyway. Today im just gonna be chilling out, watching the footy probably. Right now i am writing this in bed, so i will get up, and have a shower.

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