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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 12-3-2007 at 12:35am
Subject: well a new week is on its way

I guess to look at the glass half full rather than half empty (which I seem to do a lot lately) I kinda have a break this week from work...only 36 hours just sucks that it is within 4 days. I have realized lately that even when I get hours I am still upset about 42 a week isn't enough! But I think there is something wrong with me because I know that I want a break that i need a break but my mind just keeps telling me that I need more more more. I didn't actually notice this untill matt said something to me about it...even he says I need a break..."it's not healthy to work as much as you do kate," it was kinda nice of him...I think I am starting to get a long with him very well. he's not so bad after all.

Well alright I am starting to get really angry that I cannot type in this stupid's not regestering the letters that I am typing and yes Andy I did check to see if it was just on here or everywhere on my comp. it is just on there something wrong??
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