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tapdanceoveryourheart (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2007 at 12:48am
Subject: updated
1. I love my job
2.I refuse to accept that it'll never be possible for me to love another person as much as I loved my ex-girlfriend
3.I despise feeling any sort of romantic emotions for makes me vulnerable
4.School's over for me.I'm done with my undergrad study.Grad school starts in January.
4.I'm happier when I'm making money.who isn't
5.I'm going to attempt to quit all my bad habits(smoking etc).this might turn out to be an impssible feat but it's my new years resolution we'll see how that goes
6.I will be buying a car soon
7.I hate driving with a passion
8.I need winter boots
9.I finally see my future and it's a happy one
10.I'm happy
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