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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2007 at 1:33am
Music: Collective Soul - Shine
Subject: Destiny
Haven't updated in awhile and Im sorry. Been busy with loads of stuff that were not even gonna get into. Tonight, we are talking to talk about destiny and fate. What do you think? My opinion on the matter is sorta on both ends. I think that everyone has their own destiny. But, I'm catholic, so I know there is a God, and since he KNOWS everything before we even do it, how can one have their own destiny if its already predetermined? understand? I know, its difficult. He gave us free will. but as I stated, he knows what we are going to do before we do it, so how is it destined for us then? Example. There is a blue drink and a red drink sitting on a table. Since I have free will, I can choose either one. God already knows which one I'm going to pick. but what if at the last second I change my mind? God already knows that I was going to change my mind. Case in point is that this is a life lesson, but petty things such as what drink I am going to choose.

What if the stakes were higher? Such as maybe moving away to another state? or staying here and doing what I already know is "safe". but life is full of risks and chances, how does one choose there own destiny if its already written in heaven? Is there a way to fool God? the answer, no. So I sorta think we can choose our own destiny, but not really on basis of being a catholic. Same with Fate. I can choose to stand on a hi-way and get ran down by a mac 10 truck. God knows what I'm going to do. What if I'm standing on that hi-way and a plane falls on me instead? God already knows how I'm going to die right? So if I take more risks in life could I possibly change when and where I die? I could live old and die of natural causes right? but what if I blow my brains out with a .45? God knows I'm going to do it, but did he INTEND for me to do it? "Everything happens for a reason", one of those life old quotes we are taught. Does it really happen for a reason? Honestly? Maybe you did something, and thats why it happened? Free will is a bitch eh?

Sorry for rambleing, but certain things have come up in my life that are just 100% completey crazy. I won't go into much detail, but lets just say that I've lost my mind and its totally in a good way. I just wish I could speed up forward ahead, and just see if the "Juice was worth the squeeze."
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