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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 12-9-2007 at 12:52am
It has been forever since I've written in here.

For everyone else, too, I checked.

I just need to vent about boys, I guess. It's easier to have my mind on that than the fact that I'll probably fail all my classes.

Why is it when I am bold enough to make plans with guys I'm interested in, they blow up at me? And why do I keep falling for everyone?

First was Whit in the summer from Redmoon.
Then it was sort of Mark
Then sort of Charlie
and now Axel (Frank) for sure.

Couldn't tell you why. But it'd be nice to actually have something come out of it.

A relationship, maybe.

It's probably the thing I need most right now. Despite how close Faith and I are, I know she'll find someone more interesting to spend all her time with and then I'll be searching for someone to grasp onto, just like always.

I know why Frank is the new one. He's playful. I miss having someone to play with. We got in a snow fight on Wednesday and he's always teasing and it's fun. I miss that.

Maybe an update later. I'm super behind in EVERYTHING!
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