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sweetyas (profile) wrote,
on 12-10-2007 at 11:31am
Current mood: tired
Music: Michael Buble: kissing a fool
Subject: That stupid boy
I don't know how i got myself into this horrible awkward situation with this stupid boy. But it goes something like this: he dated my good friend, they broke up, they dated again, they broke up & we hung out....we both liked eachother (but didn't do anything b/c of her), this year we kissed, the next day he says your roommate is going to be pissed...they had something going on before hand, earlier that month they started(like they were kissing and perhaps relationship potential). I dont hang out with him & sorta get over him. Things go back to normal ( i dont like him & stay away from him still b/c im nice & think my roommate forgave me for kissing him, even though, i didnt know anything was going on at the time)

My roommate turns into a psycho bitch...really psycho bitch calling him 5 times a day!! She finally snapped @ me (she was intoxicated), she said she couldn't trust me & basically couldn't believe i wasn't a mind reader and should have known that there was something going on. It pisses me off, so i stop playing nice. i go back to the way me and the boys friendship used to be (it was always a lil flirty and so i let it be, no hurtful intentions just i am allowed to be friends with him and act normal). He has a party at our place and spends the entire time hitting on me (she was there!!) he tries to kiss me a couple of times and sends really really cute text messages. I like him again (prior to the party, but i didn't kiss him or really flirt back, he apologized/asked if i was upset later cause he knew he had fucked up with me). She broke up with him the next morning.

I like him...
he likes me...
she hasn't really talked to me or told me anything...
she has been crying & doesnt want me to know...
this is really hard!!

I am not allowed to ever do anything with him ever, right?? But, i really want to kiss him again and go out on dates....

I dont know how to get over him, how do u get over a boy??

I hate this!!
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