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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2007 at 3:42am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: MEST - Kiss Me, Kill Me
Subject: Again?
Tonight we are going to talk about one thing, and one thing only. The sheer fact that Kunta is once again fallen head over heels for a girl. Yes a girl, not a guy, you homos. Even though I can't express 100% my true feelings into words, I am going to try my hardest to maybe find the right words to just show you what I mean.

Some people say, and I would agree, that I intend to fall to quickly for someone. I can't help it, I'm at a point in my life where I am ready to settle down, start a family, grow old together with someone, have that need, that yearning, to be wanted. I have searched for this "someone special" for quite some time now. I once thought I had found her, but we all know that turned sour, and even though I was heartbroken, I continued my adventure, I kept going, because after all, no one wants to die alone.

I can saftey say that I think I may have found her. She is so perfect that it really scares me deep inside. She is everything I want in a girl, but yet at the same time, she is so much more. As I stated, its hard to express feelings into words, not only that, but also to try and convince her that my feelings are true.

My problem is, that I look to much into the future. As I said, I want someone to grow old with. I can see myself down the road being with her, and starting a family. I think she would make an awesome mother, and not only that, but also an awesome wife. We just cope together so well, on so many levels, that it actually makes me smile inside. And we all know Kunta doesn't fucking smile very often kids.

So your all saying to yourself, whats the problem? The problem is, that she is 1000000 of miles away, and I won't get to see her for like 6 months. 6 Months is a very long time, and she is very skeptical that some hussie might come along and steal me. How do I convince her that my feelings are true? Shall I kiss a letter and send it to her?

She knows that my feelings are strong, and I think she has pretty strong feelings for me. I just want her to know that she means the world to me, and that I would do anything for her, and even though that sounds completey crazy, its the truth. She is the first thing I think about when I wake up during the day, and the last thing I think about before I fall alseep in the morning. I wish every single day, that she would be here with me right now, just so I could hold her, and tell her how much she means to me. I wish I could stare into her eyes, and just kiss her gently on the forehead. I wish she could be here, I wouldn't even minded if she didn't say one word the whole time, but just her being here alone would make me a stronger person inside.

Thats how much I care about her, and even if she still doubts me, I wouldn't care, because I know my feelings, I know what I feel inside of me is true. And even if we are destined to be together forever, I would wait for her, however long it took, just for one chance, one gamble, just to see her smiling face.

I love everything about her. She is like the female version of me. Her voice does wonders, her jokes make me laugh, even though half the time she is making fun of me. She is truely a great person, and I just pray, that I can be half the man, that she wants me to be.....
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