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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2007 at 12:55am
Subject: I am alive
well things are looking up...

I finally got paid and so did he so things are starting to get paid off and less and less people are calling me for money...which is deffiently a plus! No luck on getting my book back though..blah I suppose I should just pray for the best and hope that this place that cleans disc's will actually work. It's actually quite funny really for the past three months I have some severe writers block and now that I fear I may never get it back...I have ideas running through my head like crazy...they keep me up at night untill I come into the kitchen and just write them down ridicoulous I know... but I suppose such is life.

Kate has been calling me a lot lately which is wierd cause usually it is me who does all the calling I fear that she may be having some sort of serious crisis on the homefront what with her so called boyfriend saying he doesn't know if he wants to be in a realationship with her anymore just after the whole crisis of her telling him that she didn't want to see him because she and all of us knew he would do this to her....and when she gives in...her so called best friend goes and tells the whole thing to her previous boyfriend...what is this world coming too I really wish I could have givin her more advice than I did ...but for the first time I really didn't know what to tell her. That and it was 11 o clock in the morning and I did not want to wake up that early!

Tommorow I am going to decorate the lobby at work! that seriously is the high light of my week...I am so lame.
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