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a-demons-angel (profile) wrote,
on 12-20-2007 at 7:58am
Current mood: Utterly defeated and crushed
Music: That one song from the Dolce&Gabana (sp?) commercial
Subject: I was trying
I was trying like hell
To make everything right again
And I was so close
Two more days

And I would've been free
On my way to a fresh start; a clean slate.

But, in a matter of speaking, I tripped over my shoelaces right before the finish line.

And what I mean to say is
I was up all night last night doing my homework
And overslept

And unfortunately, I do have to say that I do this often, but never on purpose.
As fate would have it, I suddenly am unable to hear my alarm clock in the morning.
Of all the times for this to happen, of course, it happens now. Even though I overcame this problem over a year ago.
All the sudden, when I'm already in deep shit, it springs up again.

And well..
It was the last straw for my mother
And now I'm grounded
On top of my previous grounding

The last thing keeping me going was taken away from me
She took Malic away this time.

The one person I could try for
The one person who could still make me feel happy even if my world was falling down around me.
Which it is.

And I'm crying hard
Because I truly need to see him, and even more so now

But now I can't, atleast until my mother leaves sometime after Christmas.

Which is far too long for me to bear.

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