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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2007 at 12:53am
Subject: well bout' time I update

For the first time in a while I haven't had any negetive things happen in my life....maybe god is giving me a break for the holidays. I have my rent money and I have paid my car payment nothing left except heat and hopefully something towards my capital one card which is deffently something that has to be done asap! and to top it all off I actually have some spending money!!!!!! it's amazing. I think that, that is the first time I have said that in a year.

went shopping today with Corey but only because we had too, my work pants broke ( the buttons fell off) so I figured five months is a good run for something I wear practically every day in splurged on an 11.00 pair from walmart...their like pajama pants though they have drawstring which is wierd but whatever...they're super comfy.

I think that Corey and I have finalized our christmas party agenda finally with only 2 more days to spare it is going to uber crazy this year with two extra stops to fit in. So here it is:

Christmas Eve
3:00pm Roberts Party
7:30 ish Corey's mom's
9 till ? My dad's

Christmas day
8:00am Corey's moms
10:00 am Corey's Dads
12:00 pm My moms
1:00 Micah's
2:30 ish Anderson's

Super hectic I don't know how we are going to pull that all off...but somehow we have too and I think that 8:00 on christmas day might be pushed back a little on account of on christmas eve with my dad we will most likely be getting trashed! But it should be fun times anyways

Well thats it finally a happy entry

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