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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-26-2007 at 11:27am
Whoa. Thanks to my "past entries," I've re-discovered and my "secret lj". Ha.

I also realized I used to be excited about the holidays.

This year was the first year I ever had a real tree. We hung cat toys from it, but the cats weren't nearly as interested as I'd expected them to be.

I baked hundreds and hundreds of cookies this year. I distributed huge platters to our three neighbors across the street. They returned the favor with:
1 store-bought fruitcake
1/2 homemade fruitcake w/ walnuts & chocolate chips
7 hot homemade tamales (YUM!)

& the lady who has a big house and lives alone gathered up all her family & friends and they came caroling on Christmas Eve. I've never had carolers come a-caroling before. It was awesome.

We had dinner at my mom's house (geeze, more tantrums) and then crashed a later dinner at Trev's old friend's house. We laughed a lot and played wii.

The neighbor kids gave us a hand-decorated cookie jar that looks like a gingerbread house. It's way cute and thoughtful. The kids are really spoiled, but you wouldn't know it when they're at my house.

I'm going to try my hand at making tamales next weekend. I found a great recipe on recipezaar.
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