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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-27-2007 at 11:10am
Subject: Food
This weekend, I plan on trying my hand at pork tamales & chicken tamales. This means we'll venture into Mexican grocery stores for the first time in years. Mexican (and Asian) grocery stores have many advantages to your traditional stores. You can buy lots of things much, much cheaper. Produce is way cheaper. Meat is cheaper. Mexican sweet breads are fresher. Spices are sold in bulk, not in little McCormick jars so you save a ton of money. Dried beans and chiles are cheaper. Rice is cheaper. You can buy lots of cultural foods/ingredients that you'd pay 5x as much for at your regular grocery store.

After having BBQ 3x last week (2x from Joey's & once from Lucille's), I'm inspired to make my own again. The second time from Joey's, the sauce was too mustard-y. Trev didn't pick up on it, but it was there.

So a major Resolution for next year is to be more organized when it comes to food. I have to start packing lunch for Trev again. I can eat warmed up leftovers at work, but since he's in the field- he needs a cold lunch. I want to meal-plan (I always fail at this) and make actual grocery lists, not run to the grocery store every other day or three times in a day. I want to use our kitchen gadgets more often (KitchenAid, rice cooker, crock pot, chopper thing). I want to stop turning on the wrong burner for the stove when I go to cook. (I hate electric stoves.) I want to use more beans (high in protein) and learn to cook dried beans. I want to hide more veggies in our food!

I also want to figure out how to store food better.

My SIL and nephew live with us. They have the bottom shelf and most of the door in the fridge, half the freezer, and a shelf in the cupboard. That's not really conducive to organization, unfortunately.

I'd also like to help teach my nephew and the neighbor kids about the food pyramid and eating balanced meals, etc. Speaking of the neighbor kids, they begged us to never move away. Aww. :)
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