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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2008 at 10:59pm
So I haven't posted anything of merit in quite some time.....not due to lack of stuff going on, but rather TOO much hahaha. I've been superbusy...and when i haven't been busy, i've been reveling in the relaxation. :-) I know i said it already, but Mexico was astounding....blew my mind, and made me realize just how scarily in love with Eric I am. I wasn't sure I could ever love anyone quite like this. It takes my breath away, and even when i want to yell at him or kill him, there's still a part of me smiling inside. Crazy i know.

New Years was a blast. I didn't have anything to do until 2 days before, and then it was Kelly's, Chicago with kath, out with Eric, or hang out with my mom. I almost hung out with my mom just for fun.....but she told me she'd be mad if i missed out on enjoying myself so i ended up going with Eric up to his friends' in Racine.....where we had a BLAST, end of story lol. It was great to see his friends Cam and Joe again. Those boys have treated me SO well ever since they met me and i'm forever grateful to them for that.

I don't care for my schedule next semester....there's too many boring little breaks.....AGAIN. I may change it a little....we'll see.

I still don't know where I'm living or who with. Allie's not coming back to Northern this semester, which is kinda good cuz i'm not sure if i could live with her i could get a place with Megan and Katie......or me and Eric could get a place together.......we finally talked about it and what we want, which was kinda fun and scary at the same time. It's so up in the air......he has to find a job up here or the deal's off......and the thought of moving in with him is exciting and terrifying. Scary to be taking that next step....he said he wants it, which surprises me....since when is the GUY the big relationship person???....but i love it. We talked about what kind of place we would just depends on us hashing it all out and more importantly, on him finding something to sustain him next year.... :-/

REally sad news, my sister just called me and told me Edward's Apple Orchard, probably my favorite slew of childhood memories, was nearly destroyed by the tornado the other night.....i guess most of the buildings are half-standing.....but one good note is that the majority of apple trees survived....I hope they reopen....that place is to good to let go.

K........need sleep....can't remember what else i wanted to talk about...

sweet dreams <3
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