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a-demons-angel (profile) wrote,
on 1-8-2008 at 12:53am
Current mood: Annoyed with the present, but happy because the fu
Music: Daftpunk - One More Time =)
Subject: Because the future looks bright =)
I'm feelin kinda good right now
I'm starting make new friends
But I haven't made so many awesome friends so quickly since the 7th grade.
And since then, I've only made two new "friends"
And they really aren't lasting friendships.
They'll probably end along with the school year.
But now I'm meeting and connecting with people I barely even know
And its an awesome feeling =)
And on top of that, I feel even closer to Malic, Dylie, Josh and Bill than I ever have before
And that's an amazing feeling =D
So its late and I'm sitting here semi studying for everything
I'd give up completely if it wouldn't kill my GPA
If I can just give it my all next semester and get the fuck out of here, I'll be good.
I hate high school
I'm so sick of it
I should have switched to online classes before I started this year because, GOD does it suck.
This has probably been one of the hardest fucking years of my life.
But I seriously hope its coming to an end.
It feels like it is
Its seems like it just went to shit after Lior lost it last Feb/Mar.
But if I can just make it through this quarter, I'll be alright.

I really need to be with my Muffin

It gets me through

I've been throught so much with him but it seems like it all turned out for the better in the end.

I really wish I could atleast talk to him right now...
I miss him


I got to have a nice long conversation with Jesse not too long ago, and that was nice.
I miss him
It kills me that I don't get to see him more
I mean.. fuck
He's my brother

But anyway, I'm going to crash.

I love you Malic!!!!
You are everything to me.
Any other happiness I've ever felt pales in comparison to the way you make me feel.
I wish I was wrapped up in your arms right now
All nice and snug and warm and safe.
And most importantly, loved.

I hope you feel a lot better after you're all rested up sweety.

Good Night


PS:: Sorry for the typos and what not, I'm in need of sleep and I'm sick
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