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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2008 at 6:41pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: I don't need anymore friends
Subject: Love these genes
Gotta love these genes. My mom's over-analyzing powers, and my dad's anger and limited patience. I'm so glad I got these traits, because it makes doing anything thats new next to impossible. I've already tried to play the guitar some more, but I can't because it feels like its out of tune and my fingers won't work right, so I can't do a damn thing about it. I'll have to go spend an awkward day with my uncle to even get chords, which makes me feel pretty damn stupid.

I went to Physics for the first time today, setting a new record for missing the first day up to a certain point. The first two times weren't my fault, but the others have been, so its just a meh situation for me. Professor Bacon was cool about it, showed me what I needed to do, and set me on the right path, which is more than I can say for the guys back at central. Though walking in today not touching physics since high school where I got one of my lowest grades ever was a bad idea. I don't think "88 mph" was how fast that ball was falling in the problem, but I saw it in back to the future, so who knows.

Another fun thing I did while cleaning up my room was I found an old John Meyer disc and got really pissed, and destroyed it. Bonus points if you know why! Also, I'm beginning to think that I am really messed up in the head, and could use some therapy or something.

I'm off to go make or buy dinner, I haven't decided, so later kids.
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