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Upchuck (profile) wrote,
on 1-28-2008 at 11:48am
So I know I'm not around much. Here or anywhere for that matter.

It's amazing what getting married, moving to a far off distant place (well Kentwood isn't that far off and distant for some people, but it seems so to me, especially everyday when I drive to work), work 50 hours a week, go to school, and having a dog can do to you (yes, I had to figure out that I actually wanted this paragraph to only be one sentence).

All that might be changing. Well, not all of it. Well, actually, not most of it. I will still be married, working, going to school, and having a dog, but I might not be living so far away. We (Mica and I) have reached a tentative rent-to-own agreement with my parents to live in the house I grew up in. We're both very excited. As much as I resented the town when I was growing up, I really miss it there. Everyone knows I don't like change and leaving there just makes me feel isolated. My job lets me be involved in the community, and I am involved in so many things it will be nice to be back there. So, from now on we will be spending our weekends painting and doing all sorts of things to get the house ready to move into at the end of April. So hopefully I will be seeing you all soon, not jsut through the drive thru ;).
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