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brownsugar (profile) wrote,
on 1-28-2008 at 3:53pm
One thing I don't understand is: why do people hurt eachother? Is it a lack of respect for others, a lack of respect for oneself or what? I mean honestly, what's the point. I feel like as time has progressed people have stopped realizing that others are humans, human beings, with feelings, with souls, with the capability to get hurt. And, we think that by putting them down we are putting ourselves at a higher pedestal, or position. But, we're not. We're just compromising ourselves. We're decreasing our own personal capability of fully understanding others, and it is in that capability of understanding others we actually experience true love, true life. Why do that to themselves? Why would they want to deprive themselves of that experience? It doesn't even make you feel good. Sure, it's a momentary kick to the ego, a momentary boost to self-esteem, but it's a lifelong torture. Honestly, what the fuck.
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