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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2008 at 1:06am
Subject: another pizza another day
well I had some black lady call me a bitch today...

yup that is one good way to start the day off. But not to much happend after that it was pretty slow today at work so that was nice. Did my taxes yesterday and I am getting about 1200 dollars back so that will be awesome I can finally pay off some old debts.

Corey, Micah, and I are talking about maybe taking a road trip to Florida this year for spring break to go visit our old friend Dan, who lives there now. Not quite sure if that will pan out I am all set to go and so is Corey but Swall seems a little iffy on the whole idea. you know the whole " I could stay here and make money all week or I could go and spend a whole lot" thing. But I say fuck it I haven't taken a week off in forever I seriously can't remember the last vacation I took so I am going with or with out swall. HA

off the shower it seems
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