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Upchuck (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2008 at 11:26am
So I am trying to figure out if I am a genius or everyone is not as smart as I give them credit for.

I just got back my exam from my intro class today and I did very well *52 out of 50* I got one wrong with three extra credit points. the one I got wrong was even something minor (I forgot one word in the definition of a short answer question).

Being such an easy test, I figured everyone else would do fairly well. I don't feel as if I spend extra time outside of class. I don't feel as though I pay extra close attention in class. I did think that some people were taking the test a little too seriously. I think they were very stressed aver the test due tot he fact that it was mostly short-answer essay with only 3 multiple choice. Some people had pages and pages of notes, others made flash cards. I spent about five minutes reviewing the material. No big deal.

Apparently it was big deal. I saw a couple of the tests of my classmates. They got 37 out of 50. That's a 74%. I finished 30% higher than they did. Those two must not have been the only ones to finish that bas either because the class average is a 37.

Not that I am trying to toot my own horn here, and I guess I really shouldn't considering it is a 100 level college course, but these people have to be smarter than this.
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