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box (profile) wrote,
on 2-17-2008 at 4:15pm
Subject: You dont know Shit.... about Horse Shit that is..
So i just got back from a hard day of work, and nobody can tell me, that i have an easy job, well working at the quick lube shouldn't be bad, but i also work at a horse farm now.. Thankfully the smell of horse shit doesn't bother me, but man was i happy to smell dinner on the table when i walked through the door.

Today i had to dig out 5 stalls that haven't been done since august, which was about 15 large wheel barrels, feed, water and put the horses in their stalls and fill the chest back up with grain, which was about 25 5 gallon buckets worth.

And i did it all with a terribly blown out back. All ive got to say is.. Thank god for Vicodin.

So yea thats been my day so far..
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