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toki (profile) wrote,
on 2-20-2008 at 9:30am
Current mood: rushed
Music: Going Through the Motions- Bufffy!

I'm pretty tired. Pretty much done with life.

I had to shoot portraits for my class today. I'm terrible at portraits. Like, so terrible that I might as well not go to class today. That and I still have to go to Calumet to buy paper to print these portraits and then get to school by noon to print then get to the art institute by 1 to meet my class. Afterwards, I'm coming home and eating a tasty salad, which will be my only food all day other than a slim fast. And then it's time to make 7 web pages. Then, somewhere between there, I have to get 5 shots for photojournalism. Yeah. Then I plan on dying. But only after Thursday. Because that's when a lot of stuff is due.

Only good news- buying my new iMac tomorrow. Yay. Tomorrow is the day I officially sell out and give into the world of mac.

Sorry, I know everyone is stressed out, but that's why I'm whining here so no one will read it. ;-)

Aight, I have to go wake Ryan up so he can get ready and drive me to Calumet. Because he's awesome like that.

I wish I lived in Buffy world. And I could be best friends with them and fight demons and talk all witty and stuff. Or I wish it was summer already so I could dye my hair red and pretend I'm Willow.

Poop- definitely in a mood today.
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