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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 2-26-2008 at 2:13pm
So once again i haven't written in forever. i guess i mean to write and then i just never get around to it. :-( oh well. Life is pretty much chaos at the moment. Classes are driving me NUTS.....i have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to do every week, i feel like i'm constantly drowning in homework. Pchem is KINDA fun though. It's hard as hell, but my friend Colleen ended up adding into the class, so we usually do homework and study together.....SOOOOOOOO helpful.

I have NO clue what's going on in terms of my living situation for this summer or next year. Eric really wants to stay here and get a place with me............but he has to find a job. And he can't really GET a job until April (for full-time) because he still has classes to finish up. So i won't know for sure until then. I've been doing some hunting anyway, looking at both 1 and 2-bedrooms that allow pets. It's kinda fun, but it's difficult to find places that allow pets.....but i'm determined.

I also don't know how my summer is going to go in terms of work. I"m for sure going to work in the dorms at least part-time, but then i have two different options for research that could keep me from doing full-time (which may ro may not mean i need a 2nd evening job). One of the research things is fully paid for 10 weeks, and the other i don't think is paid. Both would continue into the next eyar :-) BUT the one that's paid is application-based, whereas the unpaid one is guaranteed if i want it. So who knows. I wouldn't mind either one....getting paid would be sweet...but i don't think it would be as hands-on or nearly as much fun as the unpaid one.

One sweet and Eric are flying to Arizona for a week on Friday! :-) His aunt lives down there, so we're gonna go stay with her for awhile. I'm SUPER excited. We're gonna hit up Dave and Buster's and pretty much just spend all day in the pool lol. Perfect spring i'll get to meet even more of his family, which is awesome.

AND only a few months till EUROPE for two weeks!!!!!!! YAY! I made my last payment last week, so that's exciting...i jsut want it to get here already haha.

ANNNNNND.................less than two months till my 21st birthday!!!!!!!! I can't wait for that! Obviously. We're plannign on holding a real wop-party at the house that weekend, and brooke plans on getting me wasted enough to not remember the that's gonna be a tad tough to fight...but it'll be fun...i've got plenty of people to celebrate with lol.

Alright...i SUPPOSE i should go do some homework....this weekend was full of pickup football and goin out to breakfast, so i did NOOOOO homework...bad idea....but i figure i just won't sleep this week and then i can relax all enxt week in AZ.

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