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toki (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2008 at 10:45am
Current mood: Jittery
Music: Where Do We Go From Here?- BtVS
Subject: The curtains close on a kiss, god knows, we can tell the end is near
-didn't get as much cleaning done as I wanted to
-didn't shoot for view camera last night
-not liking ac final
-not doing well in pj
-i get paid close to nothing
-the boy's internship might fall through
-my social awkwardness is getting worse and harder to deal with
-i only get one day of actual 'break type fun' this spring break
-i kind of want to go home and see moo
-i have cavities and avoiding the dentist is only making my anxiety about it worse
-one year until i graduate and realize i have no idea what to do with my life

-no school or work!
-a summer with no school coming up
-the boy is coming home today!
-mr. f is pooping in his litter box
-buffy is amazingly distracting
-the ferrets don't smell anymore
-the boy still loves me even though he knows my big bad secrets
-i love buffy
-i love harry potter
-one year until europe!

I guess I'm trying to look at both and realize that the positive should outweigh the negative. They don't really. I think something might be wrong with my brain. I wish I wasn't so negative, but I really think I can't control it half the time.

I don't know...maybe I'm just stressed. ::shrugs::

These endless days are finally ending in a blaze

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