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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2008 at 1:33am
Current mood: curious
Music: dru hill
Subject: i dont wanna be a lonely fool
i believe its been over a year since i updated this jawn. so hows life these days. well i dont have a job which makes me broke. i still some how manage to keep enough gas in my car to go do stuff during the week. but this life is getting old. i want stuff and i cant get stuff with no money. boys, ohh howd id love to have one. but i dont like what i see so it can waitt. school. im trying that one. i have no idea what i wanna do though. ive had so many career ideas run threw my head in the past month. yeah i definitely have no clue what i wanna do. now im into this idea of beauty school. it seems logical and possible. but my opinion will most likely change before next week. im so up and down. but i have to get my shit together and start over again. ef the bullshit.
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