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chelthesmell (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2008 at 2:54am
Current mood: guilty
Subject: #1 Reason why I say that I will not serve any of my friends that are underage!
So I went to serve this table and I saw a girl that I went to school with there. Said Hi to her and junk. Her mom ordered her a drink, I asked her for her ID. She says that she doesn't have it with her and that she recently turned 21. She was in the grade a head of me so I was like her birthday could have fallen around the right time and her mom was there with her so I figured okay, I'll get you a drink. She has 2 drinks her mom has like 4 and then they leave. I get told a while later by the rest of the table that the mom and the daughter got pulled over, the daughter was only 20, and a cop might be coming into the tavern. FUCK! I got questioned by a cop and I could have gotten a fine but the cop said that he wasn't going to press charges against me, BUT he was going to let the liquor commission know what happened and my boss could get fined up to $1000. I'm lucky that this is the first time this has happened to me because I could have gotten in a whole lot of trouble and fired. So I guess the mother is going to jail and the daughter might be too I'm not sure but fuck em, I think they deserve it. They know me, and my parents, and her boyfriend's parents are really good friends with my parents and she fucking looked me in the eye and lied to me. She put my job and my work place at risk because her and her mom wanted to have a good time. Why the hell wouldn't they just buy some booze and drink it at home where they are safe? Why would her mom be so irresponsible to let her do that? Why did I serve her? I dont know...I'm so dissapointed in myself. I might have to testify in court depending on what happens. I am so scared. I'm pissed more than anything. I would understand if I got fined. I honestly think that I deserve because that is a big deal, but for this to happen because of someone who has known me for years! That really hurts. I just cant believe this actually happened. I feel so dumb and ignorant I just dont even know. I really am ashamed and embarrissed.

This is why I will not serve any of you that are underage. Alot of people ask if I can get them drinks if they come in and I wont even do it for my boyfriend. I cant believe I believed this girl. I seriously am carding everyone for now on unless they look like 40 I am carding people. And if someone doesn't have a card, I am not serving them. I fucking learned my lesson.

No drink is worth my job no matter who it is going to.
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