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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2008 at 6:10pm
it has upset me for the very last time.

being told that i am too creative will never end, but i've realised that it's okay.

for one, the greatest artists in history have gone against the grain and were rejected for it.


Pablo Picasso

Jacques Louis David

Theodore Gericault

Alfred Jarry

Benjamin Franklin (though not a fine artist, a rejector nonetheless)

i don't pretend to be nearly as great as any of these people, and though there are failures among the greats, i will find something else to do if i fail.

For instance, my teacher does not have her name in lights, nor won an academy award. She is a teacher at columbia college. and she has to steal shows from seniors when she wants to do them, because she is no great human, even in chicago.

besides this, i refuse to misrepresent myself as an artist. i have been told to never lie and never to give the impression that i can do something i cannot. so why would my portfolio, as she says, present me in that way.

so for portfolio day, i will copy pictures of statues and old photographs. i will take tracing paper and trace them all, leaving the photocopied images in behind them. i will present them for my A, and not allow her to see my portfolio.

if she fails me, i will go to the dean and protest my failing the class based on too much creativity.

after all, i chose a school with the motto, "CREATE CHANGE".

if only this was practiced...:/

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