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star-sailor (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2008 at 3:54am
Current mood: happy
Music: Moya - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Subject: Very: An Adverb
The week became better.
Note to self: ask Jean how to make the journal entries shorter...

Thursday... let's see.
Yes, reader, I remember my Thursday.
Thursday, I intended to wake up early for school. Thursdays, for this semester, are my late days. I only have one class, and it starts at 11:00 in the day (I would say afternoon, but that's not afternoon), so normally I don't necessarily have to wake up early. But due to this deficiency of lab hours for French class, it would only be common sense to wake up and knock out as many hours as I could. I wanted to wake up at 7:30. I missed my goal by two hours. I went into the lab as soon as I arrived, and most of the time was spent talking to Jean online. I didn't want to go into class, but we were going to be receiving our projects (remember those terrible biology projects, reader?), so it would only be wise for me to go. I was very stressed about getting a decent grade. As aforementioned, my grade was hanging unsteadily between bad and good, and this project was a very do-or-die sort of grade. I RECEIVED A 98%!!!! Unbelievable! Especially since I was ready to get a C or F. This was a huge relief; the professor takes a few projects he receives every year to present to the class, and mine was one of those accepted for presentation. It's all a bit shocking really.

Friday... let's see.
Yes, reader, I remember my Friday.
Because I skipped on Wednesday (bad move on my part) and since I didn't get on campus until too late Thursday (not my fault), I had not been able to get my essay (for English) copy-edited by the professor. I know I'm a great writer, but I know I make plenty of mistakes. I'm not obsessive about all the little grammar rules, so disobeying them comes quite easy for me. I had to get it checked, so I went to his office promptly. The paper was generally error free, but since (I think) he expects very high quality from me, I decided I'd gussy it up and make my corrections. I went to the French lab (to get some minutes while correcting) and simultaneously convinced Miki and Miara to wait up for me, because they apparently like my company. I finished editing, and conversed with them for a short while until Government class, which was quite boring. French was next, but I see no point in the classes anymore, so I skipped and went to the French lab (which will ironically aid in my passing of the class I was skipping).

After an hour or so in the lab, it was English time. Typical class, really. We turned in our papers without much talk, and before the professor started lecturing, he noticed my newest novel, Adverbs (which I will talk more about later). He didn't like it because he thought it was about English, and when I tried to explain, he didn't seem interested or caring. Pff, oh well. Straightaway to the lab again (third time... sigh). I talked with Jean for awhile; she didn't have classes at the Arts Institute, and was just there to get next weeks homework done (I'm quite proud of her commitment to working). But when she wanted to leave, I followed; we talked on the phone for thirty minutes before she had to go. I literally spent the rest of the day taking pictures for this new website I'm obsessive over, Stylemob (which I'll talk more about later). I raided my closet and mix and matched every single outfit I wear, which amounts to 19 or so. Not so bad! It made me realize how much style I have - not that I'm conceited - I just feel I have a unique and cool fashion sense. Anyway, after literally hours of taking pictures with a tripod, I called Jean back and we talked all the livelong night. I forgot to play WoW with Travis, but whatever; talking with Jean is way more fun and interesting. [I think Travis may be getting a girlfriend soon - this is just a hunch.]

Saturday... oh, Saturday.
I definitely remember Saturday, reader!
I woke up at noon and ambled about the house. Jean and I were scheduled to hang out for the day, but due to parental issues on her side, it was still only a possibility, so I was awaiting a call from her for confirmation. Between the hours of 12:00 and 1:00 I wasted what felt like five hours before making myself productive (bathing, outfit-picking, planning, cleaning room, etc.). Jean finally called - she felt ehhh, like a cold - but we decided we'd be layabouts at my house, which she was content with. I picked her up, drove back here, and we watched Devil Wears Prada. I'm glad she liked it, as well as Fall Of Troy and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, which I have gotten her into over this week. Her outfit was amazing - her fashion sense is unparalleled. And I honestly don't know what all she wears, but she always smells amazing: perfume, body spray, whatever, I love it, and her smell is all over my sheet, pillow, and shirt. It's nice and relaxing, cause it reminds me of her, and makes me smile. I wish we could have spent more time together, but the day was perfect. I can't wait for the next time - hopefully Tuesday, because I've been craving some good coffee, and Buon Giorno's is having an open mic night which Jean likes. Fingers crossed, promise.

Sunday... yes, Sunday.
Well, it only started three hours ago!
Reader, don't be silly. Let's not get into a day that barely began.

I made promises throughout this entry, and I follow through here.
Adverbs. Adverbs is a novel by Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket for those who aren't up-to-snuff on their authors. I heard about it when I went to see Colin Meloy in Dallas a couple weeks ago; in his stage banter, he mentioned Adverbs off-hand for some reason - I don't remember what the context was - he may have been talking about "On The Bus Mall," the song about male prostitutes - and I was instantly intrigued - by the book, not male prostitution - because I trust a high-intellectual like Colin for good reading material. The theory is this: Adverbs is a novel about love. It is written in a short story style. The narrator is switching for every chapter, and there are many different situations, but all focused around love. Some characters intersect between short stories, some are only temporary. Each chapter is symbolically named, signifying the type of love the characters in that particular episode are involved in. For instance, there is Immediately, where someone falls in love at first site; Obviously, where the main character is totally crushing over this one girl, and it's very easy to tell; I'm sure you get the idea. The writing style is very novel (for a novel (bad joke)), and I really like it. Handler's own style is sweet too, because he loves run-on sentences, and I envy his ability a lot. I love people who are willing to break the rules, and breaking the rules of writing novels (especially since I consider myself a novelist) is pretty awesome in my opinion. I'm only on chapter four, because I've been busy with the end-of-semester business, but I'm in no rush.

Then Stylemob. Stylemob is basically a website like Myspace, but directed toward fashion-inclined people. Not necessarily high fashion either: street fashion, experimental fashion, crappy fashion, whatever - it's all acceptable. Basically, you post photos of you or friends rockin' some nice outfits, and the other members vote on the styles. It's shockingly addicting, more than I'd like to admit. I have many photos posted up from Friday. You can go check it out right over here. If you want one, you should tell me, so I can invite you. I'll get some stylepoints for you accepting. I won't discuss stylepoints unless you want to join - they're not important unless you're on the website.

Besides all that nonsense, reader, I'm quite good. Quite tired, though I'm not sure why, nor why I am still awake. Today was very very very very very very very very good. I hope your day was equally enjoyable reader. Thanks, once again, for reading through my randomness.
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