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kellielynn (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2008 at 1:24am
Current mood: blitzed out of mind and sight
Subject: Second chances are sweet
This was one of the craziest nights I've ever experienced at Burger King. SO fucking nuts!
It was Jenni's very last day. I was working on Bridgette's slide show for a class with her and I left a little late and Jen called me on my way over and asked if I was coming. I was about 8 minutes late. Turns out she was getting an O.E.R. and we ended up failing. It was a highly stressful last night that nobody least of all Jenni needed. :( The end was totally worth it. We closed the dining room 2 hours early and that's when everyone came. Bridgette brought wine-coolers for us and weed, Andy and Ashley came with weed, Kayla and Ash came, Scott came with a joint, Rachel brought brownies and weed. It was so fun and crazy and relaxing and wonderful. We closed drive-thru early too. Amazing :)
I gave Jenni a ride home and we smoked a shit load and I ended up crashing there, thankfully because I was still nervous to go home. We watched a movie, Pulse of One Missed Call or something. I can't remember. It was good though! So I'm heading to bed and I feel so fucking baked right now. :D
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