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star-sailor (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2008 at 3:01pm
Current mood: grateful
Music: Give Me A Place to Stand and I Will Move The Earth
Subject: The Year In Review
Last Friday, I was finally able to see Jean again. It was amazing, though far too short. Meeting her was also quite the adventure, because I am not exactly the type to travel around the metroplex. The plan was that after she got out of classes (at her school in Dallas), we would meet at Northpark Mall, which is literally down the street from her school. I had never been to Northpark, and have only briefly been to Dallas, so I didn't really know where I was going. To make matters worse, my printer decided not to work, so I couldn't print myself directions, either to or from the mall. I wrote some random directions on paper and hoped for the best.

The actual traveling wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, only made difficult by my nervousness. Jean soon after arrived and we spent time wandering the mall. I really liked her outfit. We ended up wandering in a short circle, not even exploring half of the mall together, before we decided to leave (I still want to see this duck pond though!). We went to Buffalo Exchange and perused for awhile. Sadly, Jean had to head home. Since I didn't have directions, we agreed that I would follow her to Euless, where I would find my own way back to Fort Worth. SO THANKFUL. All in all, it was a great day, especially since I hadn't seen her for over a week and a half. How I can't wait until the next time we meet. <3

Grades finally came in:
English - B
French - A
Biology - C
Government - B

They didn't end up the way I thought they would around midterms, but I'm definitely not complaining that I passed entirely. I'm especially proud of the A in French, because I didn't think I would score that high. I lament the B, because I know I could have done much better. Par for the course, it was the teacher's fault that I earned a B. I know I botched the entire final, because I didn't study near as much as I should have, but if he was as intelligent as he proclaimed (loudly) he was, he wouldn't have graded so harshly on my final essay.

I think he was angry at the rest in my class, and I can't say I blame him. I needed to make some last minute corrections to my paper because I realized I didn't write my bibliography. I did it properly and whatnot, but while I was in the computer lab, with my 95% finished paper, trying to spit out the last minuscule part, there were two others in my class who were only HALF WAY DONE with their papers. That's pathetic! I can only imagine how poor quality to the papers were. My professor had every right to be angry. I don't think he should've let that anger seep into my paper, as well as the other good writers in my class, but alas.

I need to sign up for classes soon. I remain undecided on what classes to take. I know I need a lot of math courses, though I may be able to test out of a hefty amount of them. I also don't know how many summer courses to take. Usually, I would take the first semester of summer off so I could hang with friends. But this year has been quite different; everyone has jobs, and are much more busy, especially now that their SAT grades need to be taken into account. Then who knows who will be leaving for vacation, or just busy in general. Finally, Jean's school, and her workload, is really intense. She will be done with school very soon, and the diligence she puts into her work is kind of inspiring me to work harder. I will be checking the list of classes to register for soon, and base my decision on how many classes are full or not, and whether I need the classes with space still in them. We'll see, I suppose.

Jayne will be publishing my short story soon. Y'know, I mentioned it before, I think. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead is my transcription of the same song by Stars. I think I did the song justice; the ending of my short story is a bit fickle, but I rounded it out. Whenever the story actually gets published on Jayne's site, I'll let you know, reader. Until something interesting happens though, reader, know that I'm busy writing and daydreaming my days away. Ahoy, mini-summer vacation! I welcome you with open arms!
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