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buttercupistiny (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2008 at 4:34pm
So my "brother" Robert has this girlfriend named Dervla. And Dervla thinks a lot like I do. Dervla is also five years younger than me. The other day she told me that she looked up to me. This disturbed me greatly. What the hell kind of role model am I?

And then I realized. I made a friend on wooho named Mandie. I think a lot like Mandie. I'm also 3 years younger than her. I told her the other day that I like talking to her because she thinks a lot like me, but has an older, wiser, perspective, albeit not much of one. But enough that she'll say something like "just concentrate on one thing at a time" and I'll listen. I realized I look up to her kinda.

And I wondered, Does that disturb her greatly?

Mandie, I hope your move is going well, and that you've managed to find a comfy place to sleep that isn't the floor. =]
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