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star-sailor (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2008 at 10:27pm
Current mood: irate
Music: 101 - Albert Hammond Jr.
Subject: Anger Consumes
MY GOOOOOOOOOD, I should not have to deal with this impudent, ignorant garbage!

Let me run this down for you:

I did this photography deal where I tied some disposable cameras to some benches the other day. It was very fun. I loved it. Not the point.

I went to CVS to develop my film, since they're literally right across the highway from me. They've always done a fair job at developing my film.

I got in there the day after the photo experiment. Talk to a nice lady who runs the photo-machines. No biggie. She says pick them up at five, and that's perfect for me. Off I go to work.

Get there at 6. New people are working, but that shouldn't bother me. It's just me grabbing my photos and jetting. I get them - they turned out excellent - love them. I pay a lot for them, but it was worth it. I'm out the door. Hop in the car. Gave them one quick look as I was about to pull out of the parking lot. Then I realized, shit, the CD I asked for isn't there. GREATTTT.

Turned around and walked back in. Told this girl who looked a couple years older than me about the situation. She acted like I was an idiot, saying, "Well, you probably didn't ask for CDs." Fuck that, I TOLD the photography lady I wanted CDs, to her face, and she said she'd write the information down. The girl was still oblivious to life and acted like she was on pot as she tried to figure out what to do. She finally said, "Well, leave the negatives here. We'll put them all on a CD for you."

"When will they be done?" I queried.

"Tomorrow, at five." Does that sound unreasonable? Just to transfer some film? I somehow think so. But I breathed deep, agreed, and handed over my negatives, keeping my prints.

Today arrives. Went there about an hour ago.
A guy who didn't even realize I was there for two minutes finally noticed me. Asked for my name; gave me my CD. "Now go over there, and I'll have you pay for that."

"Wait, I already paid for the film," I said, "And I was supposed to get this CD yesterday anyway."

"The CDs for film cost extra." I was peeved. I'm not about to pay for something I should've gotten in the first place. I explained the situation, he said it was fine to just leave, so I left.

I get home and upload the film to the compy. Everything seems normal until I discover the startling truth: Only half of my pictures are on the CD. HALF! I developed two rolls of film for $15+ dollars, have gotten ignorance spoon fed to me the entire time, and now only HALF of my film is here? FUCK THAT. What's more, only one roll of my negatives came with the CD. Where the other roll went is only known by God.

Is this unreasonable? I sincerely think so. I'm going to fucking break some faces in tomorrow. With words. Fucking shit!

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