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violet-winter-fields (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2008 at 10:04am
Current mood: annoyed
Subject: All hail Stalin!
Except not. I cannot stand being wthout the internet. It's like I moved behind the Iron Curtain... I knew moving back in with my parents was going to be like this, but it still frustrates me to no end. I came out to them about my crossdressing ways and while they reacted a hell of a lot better than I thought they would have, it's still not all peaches and cream. I need to get my finances in order so I can get a place of my own, but I'd still need a roommate to make it work. Here's hoping things work out with Sara and she does end up moving up here.

Wow, that felt good. I needed that.

On the plus side: I'm back with most everyone who respects and befriends me, I'm mostly over my most recent relationship and happy to hear that she's happy(and only a little down(though not that she's happy, but that I can't seem to find that same love) about it), and I'm back in the D&D world that I missed so much when I was in Idaho.

Cheers from Utah, the most narrow-minded place I know.

Oh, and that McDonald's analogy pretty much sums it all up.
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